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ITSdigest Blogs

10 Advantages of Autonomous Vehicles

Pete Goldin is the Editor and Publisher of ITSdigest, an ITS industry blog. 

The ITSdigest blog above consistently ranks as one of the top Google search entries for "benefits/advantages of autonomous/driverless vehicles."

GM Future Roads blogs

Pete Goldin writes all blogs on the GM Future Roads (General Motors) website.

GM Future Roads: Working Toward a Future With Zero Crashes

8 Challenges Impeding DOT Safety Programs

10 Tips for a Successful Grant Application

5 Ways Departments of Transportation Can Protect Bicyclists on the Roadway

Understanding How Weather Impacts Road Safety

ITS International articles

Pete Goldin served as a journalist for ITS International and ITS Daily News, ITS industry publications.

ARRA and ITS Part 1 - The ITS Industry

ARRA and ITS Part 2 - The Public Sector

ARRA and ITS Part 3 - The US Congress

America's ITS Vision

Connected Vehicle Technology - Making Connections

The US Transportation Reauthorization Bill - A Long and Winding Road

Truck Safety Technology - What Price Safety?

Truck Safety Technology - On the Straight and Narrow

Adaptive Signal Control - Between the Lines

IVBSS - Bumper to Bumper

USDOT Michigan Test Bed – Bedded In

Pulse Magazine articles

Pete Goldin wrote several front page articles for Pulse, the Wavetronix customer magazine.

ITS Saves the World

Connected Vehicle Technology

Fueling the Eco-Drive

Safe Crossings

20 Years and Counting

The History of Traffic Detection

ITS Crossroads - The History of the Signalized Intersection

The Great Debate - Can NTCIP Do the Job?

Parking World and Parking Today articles

Pete Goldin served as Managing Editor and Technology Editor of Parking World, a parking industry publication.

Parking Security in the 21st Century

PCI DSS – Prevention is the Best Defense

CPTED Lights the Way

New Smartphone Parking Applications Get Interactive

Airport Parking Technology Takes Off

Growing Pains – India's Developing Parking Industry

Rising Prices Down Under

Montreal Implements Controversial New Parking Tax

NZ Targeted in Credit Card Scam

Car Sharing in Australia

Delhi High Court Fights Excessive Parking Rates

Parking Sustainability and LEED Certification

Littelfuse Solutions Newsletter

Pete Goldin managed the publication and wrote all articles, including the Division Manager's column, for the Littelfuse OEM customer newsletter.

MEGA Fuse Issue

Automotive Catalog Issue

Voltage Suppression Issue

Thales Navigation Article

Global Coverage
Magazine: Flight Deck International
Byline: Written for Marketing Director