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With 30+ years of professional writing experience, Pete Goldin maintains three concurrent careers in communications:

1. Marketing and PR Writer and Communications Consultant

As a freelance writer, Pete Goldin has written marketing and PR materials for 100+ high tech and electronics companies around the world, including IBM/Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, VMware, GM Future Roads (General Motors), CoreSite, Acer and Thales Navigation.

He has also written extensively for open source leaders such as SpringSource (founders of the Spring Framework) and Elastic (creators of Elasticsearch and the ELK stack).

Pete Goldin never uses any AI tools when writing for clients or under his own byline.

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2. Publisher and Publications Consultant

Pete Goldin is currently the Editor and Publisher of APMdigest, DEVOPSdigest and ITSdigest, and he produces the Mean Time To Insight Podcast. He previously produced the AI+ITOPS Podcast.

He has managed editorial and production of corporate publications for several high tech and electronics companies such as Oracle's Agile PLM division, IKOS (now part of Siemens), and Littelfuse (automotive electronics). He also served as Managing Editor and Technology Editor for Parking World, and News Editor for the Midwest Rail Report.

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3. Transportation Journalist

As a freelance journalist, Pete Goldin has written articles for many US and UK transportation industry publications.

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Pete Goldin has been writing professionally since 1989, and started Goldin Corporate Publications (DBA) in 1995. Before Goldin Corporate Publications, he managed the corporate publications division of a Chicago-area communications agency.

In 2018, Goldin Corporate Publications incorporated and changed its name to Goldin Digital Publishing Inc.

Pete Goldin holds a BA in English from Loyola University in Chicago.


Goldin Digital Publishing Inc. charges on a per-word or per-project basis which provides agency-level quality and experience at an economical rate and allows you to budget projects in advance. It’s a flat fee that covers all time associated with completing the editorial part of the project. Discounts are available, allowing customers to buy blocks of words at lower rates.

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